The Hackett Family

This family means so much to me. A couple years ago they were a huge part of my life. I spent almost everyday with those two kiddos. During the school year we'd tackle homework and school projects together. I had to make sure they got to sporting events on time. Prepared lunches for the next day. Then during the summer we'd visit the local library, go to many parks, talk about how much they each wanted a dog. There were even times when I had to be the bad baby sitter. Only a few though ;)

I mostly miss laying on the couch watching Pokemon with each of them on either side of me. One would almost always have her iPod in her hands, while the other one would be asking me when it was time to eat. Those were the good day.

Another thing I love so much about this family, is the presence of Love they each radiate. Brian and Alyson have been married over a decade yet they still act like their in the honeymoon stage. They literally complete each others sentences and can always find ways to make each other laugh. I just love it. 

 photo lauriesig2_zps9ddb0c9f.jpg



  1. I love how happy they look! Very nice photos :)


  2. Laurie!! Love seeing your lovely photography pics!! Wishing you the best of luck!! xoxo!! :)



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