another friday. another friday letters {10}

dear february we survived january. be good to us.
dear yard i'm sorry the rain assaulted you this week. maggie & kodi are both royally confused. they don't like the sound of you squishing under their dainty paws with every step they take. part of you is still under water which confuses kodi even more. but don't fret, the sun will be back soon. let us know when it's safe to play.
dear gladiators game it's been a looong time since i saw one of you. looking forward to a few fights on the ice. don't let me down you scruffy hockey hunks.
dear M i love you. plain & simple.
dear full length mirror you have been the best purchase {beside my tazo green tea} last month. & that's saying a lot, 'cause we all know you had to buy yourself goodies in order to make it through that never ending january. because of your 5+ feet in height, i no longer have to balance myself on the edge of the tub to see how my shoes look with the rest of my outfit. thank you reflection friend.
dear super bowl because my falcons won't be playing & because i don't want the ravens to win, i guess i'll pull for the 49er's. who really cares though. i mean it's the commercials that really matter ;)

hope everyone has a blessed weekend.



  1. love my full length mirror too :)
    its my best friend during the mornings haha

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  2. Oh i giggled about you squeezing into small mirrors trying to see your shoes...I don't have a full length mirror and do this very thing. Its a sad story :)
    Have a fabulous weekend!

    1. I know right. Very sad. Go get yourself a full length mirror, it will change your life :)



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