friday's letters {13}

h a p p y  f r i d a y

dear M i hope your birthday was everything & more for you. you really do deserve the best. love you!
dear new shampoo i'm crazy about you. i'm thinking it's the moroccan oil in you, but something about you makes me hair smell & feel so freakin' good.
dear life i'm ready for a change. i go through phases in my life where i want something new. nothing in particular. maybe a move. drastic haircut. new furniture. or better yet, a new phone. you know, just something different. i'm too much like my mom in that area :)
dear gas prices you suck!
dear grocery list i've yet to start you because i know you're going to be a front & back deal. & the mrs. doesn't like those kind of lists. means a good chunk of change. if it were up to me, i'd only ever buy nutella, raisin bread, & milk. but it's not only up to me. my other half needs a minimum of three things of creamer, several frozen pizzas, lots of snacky food & the occasional soda. ...men.
dear day off i relish you. laying in bed till 8:30 then getting back in bed with the computer & a good movie rocks my socks off. don't end!

have a wonderful day!


  1. ahh days off... so so nice!! i just made my grocery list and am about to go :) hope you have an awesome weekend!

    1. you can never have enough off days :) enjoy grocery shopping!!!

  2. cute look. And I totally agree...gas prices do suck!


    1. ugh they sure do! & unfortunately i'm running on empty :(

  3. i always feel like it get stuck in a rut and want a change. that's when i have to force myself NOT to get bangs! always a bad idea for me on a whim!

    1. i know exactly what you mean. told M today that i wanted to chop all my hair off. woke up this morning asking myself what was i thinking?



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