friday's letters {12} + v-day photo recap

dear valentine's day i'd say you were a success. it's always nice to have that one day to be as sappy as you want & not be judged for it. it's even better to have a holiday that allows you to receive a box of chocolate, eat it all in one sitting & again, not be judged. thanks valentine's day.
dear last night's wind you were blowing so hard we weren't able to set off our giant heart floating lanterns. crossing our fingers you aren't around tonight.
dear friday you came so fast this week. i LOVE fast weeks. & monday is president's day, so you know what that means?! LONG WEEKEND!!!
dear long weekend boy, do i have plans for you :)

hope everyone has a happy weekend!



  1. That breakfast looks to die for! I wonder how my husband would feel about having pancakes for dinner tonight.... ;)

    1. Haha it was delicious! Put a little red food die in it to make it festive. Definitely should make some for your hubby :)

      Happy Friday!

  2. Oh, I love this! Photos are so pretty, and I will always love red velvet pancakes! Your blog is so aesthetically pleasing.....Will have to keep coming back! ;) -Jessica L

    1. The pancakes were the bomb :) Thanks for following along :)



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