the perfect duo

recognize these fellas?
what about now?

the other night, just before we took our daily 365 picture, M says to me:

"you're wearing that again? you always wear that beanie & sweatshirt."

i looked at him & said what any offended woman would say:

"bite me!"

okay, i'm sort of kidding. though i did tell him that,  i was playing around. most days by the time i get home i'm tuckered out. so naturally i put on my comfiest hoodie {which there just happens to be only one & it just happens to be from my freshmen year in high school. 2004 y'all}. & that beanie makes that comfy hoodie 10x more comfy. can i get an amen.

our schedules conflict, so it's hard to take a daily picture of ourselves when we look our best. sometimes M doesn't get home till close to 8pm & by that time i half way to my REM stage. so forgive me if you notice me wearing that blasted beanie & hoodie in every other picture. i promise i try.

but a worn hoodie & a simple beanie make the perfect duo for the comfiest evening. dont'cha think?



  1. I don't see the problem here ; ) my husband always teases me because as soon as i get home, i put on his sweats. i'm home, why not be comfortable?

    1. that's what i'm talking about! M just doesn't understand.

  2. Yes I agree :) It's a true reflection...I've been noticing my blue zip up sweatshirt has been making many appearances in my photos...but it's cozy, and it's my go to when I'm chilly

    1. :) i'm just embracing my beanie & hoodie. they aren't the most fashionable items but heck! they feel great!



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