diy heart jeans

made these earlier last week. i first wanted to put the hearts on a pair of tights, but that would have required me wearing them while i drew the hearts -- & that would have been an awkward act. so i thought a pair of skinny jeans would do the trick.

what you will need:
- - pair of jeans
- - ruler
- - heart stencil
- - white chalk marker
 with your ruler {in my case i used a tape measurer. the ruler was missing}, measure
four inch gaps & mark them with a dot.
 parallel with the first column of dots, measure another column of four inch gaps & mark with. 
to create a "random" but neat looking pattern, in the middle of four dots mark 
another dot & from there measure four inch gaps.
 after all dots are marked, place the tip of your heart stencil on the dot.
 begin filling in the stencil with your chalk marker.
repeat until you've reached the bottom of your jeans. 
touch up any edges. let it dry.
then voila'! simple enough. i wore these three times before washing. normally i only wear jeans twice before a wash, but since it took me some time & effort to make these suckers, i thought another day wouldn't hurt. the hearts come right off in the wash. i washed them like normal, along with a load of other clothes. so no need to worry about it getting on other stuff, because it won't! 


  1. how fun! I love that you made these.

  2. Yay! I'm totally going to do this. We can be twinsies. :) Haha.

  3. These are remarkable!!! I'd use fabric paint. They are so cute, I'd want to wear them like that all the time!!! Just stumbled upon your blog. It's lovely. Glad I stopped by:) xoxo Hanna

    1. Thank you!!!! I thought about fabric paint but I didn't want the hearts to be permanent. Thanks for stopping by :)



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