what does love mean to you: shannon style

this month i want to focus on love. duh! obviously, because it's february. specifically, what does LOVE mean to you. is love a feeling? or is it behaviors? how is your love different towards your spouse versus your siblings or pet? simply, what is love to you?

this month i will have four awesome bloggers who want to tell you all about what love means to them. so without further ado, meet shannon. she's a woman of many talents. she's a wife, mother, home school teacher to her son, God follower, & an inspirational blogger. her blog is focused on the love for her family, her faith, & simply the things that inspire her. she's an amazing woman & when you read what she writes, you find yourself being able to relate with her. i follow her on instgram & i love seeing the images of her son -- he's such a ham! you can easily see & feel the love radiating from her & her family. she's the first in the series to share with you what love means to her. enjoy.

Hello, hello!

I'm Shannon...A.K.A that girl who likes to talk about love a lot on her own blog!
Recently while I was preparing a blog post, I started to see that a theme within my writing
was occurring. I was writing & thinking about love way more than ever in my life!
I mean I thought love was cool and all, but I never really realized up until recently
 how truly powerful and important love really is!
 {hey, I'm late to catch on to things sometimes!}

So when Laurie, who by the way I think is pretty much AWESOME asked
 me if I would share a bit about what love means to me, I was so excited to do that!

It is the most beautiful thing we can give to another and to ourselves.
It's the ultimate design of how we are to encounter one another. 

I personally am totally blessed in the love department!

I have to say first that the love I have from Jesus is crazy awesome!
He is my newest love affair and I have recently found out that I have always been his!
The love I receive from him brings peace to me on those days when GASP! I'm not perfect.
His love reminds me that it's ok and encourages me to try once again where I have failed.
He is the constant in my life and for that love I am truly grateful!

I'm also married to this crazy guy!
This guy shows me that love is fun! He shows me that love is exciting!
He and I just celebrated 6 married years together and wow, oh wow has it been crazy,
 tough, eye opening, beautiful, fun, and everything in between!
Through it all he and I still are in a love affair! I love this guy like crazy and I'm pretty
sure he likes me too!

He blesses me with surprises, romantic dates and all that mushy girl stuff every so often.
Through our relationship I have learned that love isn't always easy, but it's always beautiful.
 That whole thing you might have heard about "love is a verb, you DO love" it's true.
 You love even when you don't feel like loving...But guess what, by doing that your heart
ends up growing, and your love becomes deeper and your spouse feels loved unconditionally...
so it's a pretty good deal!

I'm also the mother of this amazing, crazy child!
Ahhh, I could probably go on for days as I tell you what getting to love this boy
does for my heart and also being loved by this boy does to my heart! This boy
is special, like truly special. He is 100% boy and 100% tender all at the same time.
Jayden shows me that  love is tender, love is cuddles, love is a smile,
 love is time together, and recently that love is forgiveness. 

And finally, what happens when you put all this together?
You get a beautiful,crazy, fun, loving family and a blessed life!

If you'd like to see more of this madness and read more of my thoughts you can find them at:

i hope you enjoyed that as much as i did. it's obvious that she has a huge heart & an immense amount of pure love for her family & God. this love in evident in all areas of her life & i think that's something i know i'm working on in my life. i want that "love glow" that she has.  check her out at Imperfectly Perfect Grace & be touched.

& share what love means to you. i would love to know!!!

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