what does love mean to you: kellene style

meet kellene! she's a crafty chick that can cook & has an awesome sense of style. & you'll notice her red hair. i mean, can it get anymore more gorgeous?! she blogs over at this lovely little day. her blog focuses on the things she loves. & speaking of love, she's been asked to be a part of this month's series on love. kellene has a different perspective of love that probably many of you share with her, but also several of you don't. so, meet kellene & enjoy what she has to say about love.
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When Laurie asked me to write a post for her series of guest bloggers on 'love' I was really surprised at first. Anyone who reads my blog knows that romantic relationships are rarely something that come up... Actually, I don't think I have ever written anything about my romantic life on my blog. Don't get me wrong, I adore romance and love in all of its many forms, but I am in a very "transitional" point in my life right now and although I have kissed a boy or two this year, a relationship just isn't on my "to-do" list.

That doesn't mean I don't have love to share though, and I think that is exactly what Laurie thought too when she contacted me! In fact, I spend a great deal of my days thinking about love, just not the romantic love that we all have on our minds this time of year. {Side note: **Don't be fooled, I do a fair share of daydreaming about being swept off my feet by some European dreamboat or sensitive soul who loves the great outdoors... but that is not the point of this post. ;) }

This is me, Kellene Elise, from This Lovely Little Day :)
Being single gives me time to focus my love on the people that are around me all the time, the people that may get forgotten come Valentine's Day. First of all, my family. I have a Mom who believes in everything I do no matter how off the wall it may be, and a Dad that would give anything to make sure his little girl is happy, and a brother who I can easily call one of my best friends. How could I not be thankful for a crowd like that to come home to?! My brother will take my call anytime of day {usually after 1am} just to listen to me talk about boy problems, work stress, or about how I don't fit in in Kansas...
Amelia looking out the window on our way home from Wichita,.
Speaking of my brief adventure in Wichita, that was when I adopted my little baby girl, sweet Amelia. My parents had rescued our greyhounds Tucker and Parker shortly before I left and I was feeling quite lonely in my apartment down there. And I was constantly thinking about how I missed the pups at home! I knew I needed a pet, so to the Kansas Humane Society I went! I only went to look but as soon as I saw Amelia and held her I knew that I couldn't leave that day without her. And we've been inseparable every day since.

Cuddling with Amelia
Wynnie and I getting sushi in the summer... One of our favorite things!
Maybe the most powerful kind of love I experience everyday is the love of my friends though. When I think of my best friends, my college roommates Abby and Wynnie are the first to come to mind. When Wynnie graduated she moved to China with her boyfriend and taught preschool for a year. Every time we video chatted it was like she was right there and everything was the same! And Abby is amazing. When I decided to move back to Michigan, Abby took a half day at work, got on a plane, flew 1000 miles down to Wichita, and helped Amelia and I pack up our life, and drive 19 hours home. If that isn't love than I don't know what is! I literally cried in the airport when I saw her!

Abby and I in our roomie days!
I will admit that I can't wait for the day when I find someone to share my life with. We'll be parents to lovable dogs {and Amelia!} and there will always be someone around to eat all of the sweets I am constantly baking! But for now I am loving my friends, my pets, my family... and leaving cupcakes in the kitchen every week for my 3 male roommates. Not a bad life. And certainly overflowing with love. :)

Wishing you all a lovely little day!

Kellene's favorite quote.
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after she emailed me her post, i immediately replied back telling her it was perfect & i love it! i knew her perspective would be appreciated. you always hear about "love" in its most romantic forms, but her forms of love are the easiest for people to obtain, yet we rarely hear about it. i guess it's because those forms of love are thought as being "boring" & romantic love as more exciting. true true. but i love how kellene shows that she doesn't need romantic love right now. that she has all the love in the world right next to & all around her. thank you so much for sharing, my hot red-headed friend.

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  1. Thanks for sharing Kellene and her blog with me! I seriously loved this post and am going to have to visit her blog now! :)

  2. Replies
    1. i know! she's so great :) check her out on her blog!!!



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