friday's letters {11}

dear shannon thanks for being a part of my love series. it's always nice to read & see others who express love in so many beautiful ways. i hope to have that shiny love-glow that you wear everyday & hope to pass it on to my children as you have done with your charming son. 
dear sewing machine you have been the bane of my existence. every time i think i have it right, it all goes wrong. so, CALLING ALL YOU SUPER WOMEN out there! please show me your skilled ways with a sewing machine. being half-asian you would think my fingers would be nimble & i would be naturally meticulous, but i guess being raised by a south-alabama-ian belle negates my asian genes. thanks mom.
dear katie did what i LOVED your Bachelor quotes this week. they had me rolling. tell your boys to keep up the good work ;)
dear valentine's day i'm so excited about you. there's still lots i need to do in order to prepare for your epic night.
dear kia commercial you were probably my favorite super bowl commercial this year. you know, the one where the dad is explaining to his son where babies come from. how cool would it be if it were true? i like the idea of mini astronaut babies & animals traveling to earth to their mommies & daddies. CUTE.
dear home internet it's about time you start working again. going on three whole days without you is something from a horror movie. didn't see that one? must have just been me then. without my phone's hotspot i would probably be dead at the starbuck's down the street. 

have a fabulous weekend!


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