another q&a

here we go again -- playing this fun married-folk game.
just a little something to make y'all laugh. summer 2009.
ONE. what was it about your spouse that made you think they were "the one"?
L: everything. the fact that we had known each other since the age seven. that he was my best friend. my bosom buddy {anne of green gambles}. he was the one that i would call & talk about boy problems with. we'd go on double dates together {i never approved of any of his girl friends}. there wasn't a singe thing that made me realize he was the one, but rather years of friendship that did it. 

M: we were best friends before we had any romantic feelings for each other -- also i had more fun with L on double dates than with the person i was on the date with. 

TWO. what is your spouse's most annoying habit?
L: he leaves the cabinets opened after using them. drives me crazy!

M: the bed must be made PERFECTLY! i mean perfect. super annoying.

THREE. does your spouse have to sleep on "their side of the bed", if so, which side? {if you're laying in bed looking up at the ceiling, which side?}
L: the side of the bed doesn't bother him like it does me. but he HAS to sleep on his stomach with a pillow over his head. weird. i know.

M: yes! she has to sleep on the left side.

FOUR. how are you planning to spend valentine's day? {simple or outrageous}
L: definitely simple. probably with a candle lit dinner. homemade dessert & lots of kisses. that day is also special because it's maggie's birthday, so there will probably be a doggie party going on in the background. 

M: well, i'm a procrastinator, so simple. 

FIVE. who usually ends up trying to resolve an argument {aka... being the "bigger person"}?
L: M. he's basically perfect.

M: we never argue :p

SIX. how many kids do you plan to have one day, if any?
L: two. i applaud those who have more. 

M: two? is that the right answer?

SEVEN. what is your spouse's best friend's name & do you get along with them?
L: Laurie Brotherton -- i mean, she's alright ;)

M: trick question. i am her best friend.

EIGHT. if your spouse one day told you that they are an ex-convict, how would you react?
L:  freak the freak out!

M: "should we move to mexico?"

NINE. do you wish your spouse would stop doing a particular routine?
L: no, i don' think so. if anything, i wish when he picked out a shirt, he would remove the empty hanger too.

M: for her to stop being a night person & start being a morning person.

TEN. did the honeymoon go exactly as planned?
L: most definitely! in fact it went better than planned.

M: exactly. better than planned.

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