whoa >>> that's old

i'm writing this just as M did his best impression of the robot.

...it's not bad. occasionally we like to dance. we both suck, so it's automatically guaranteed hilarious. see i like to booty shake. so sometimes i'll ask M, "hey babe, am i doing it like beyonce?" this morning his response was, "you shake it like a pre-teen. you know, like an elementary student."

i'm so sexy.

in case some of you have been under a rock lately, it's valentine's day tomorrow. a day dedicated to love. *sigh* i'm sure for the next few days i'll be reading about what you & your hot man did that evening while keeping it PG. i'm sure there will be lots of pictures of yummy desserts & kissy faces. i'm prepared. y'all just be prepared for my pictures of what i whipped together, while subtly showing off any crafts i made. i mean, that's blogging 101.

but! tomorrow isn't just about love. it's baby maggie's 13th birthday! so technical she's not a baby -- she's knock knock knockin' on heaven's door {no guns & roses fan here? cool.}. i've heard that one human year is equal to seven dog years. not sure how accurate that is, but judging by that, maggie will be 91 years old. can i get a collective "whoa, that's old". she wasn't always a healthy dog, so making it this far has been the work of prayers. i just know she's got so much spunk left in her, she'll be around for a while longer.

happy valentine's eve lovers!


  1. Happy early birthday to Maggie! She's adorable and definitely does not look like she's 91 years old!

    And I definitely nodded my head and smiled when I read about Valentine's Day and blogging. I agree with you 100%. Can't wait to see how you and your husband celebrated!

    p.s. I totally cannot dance either and funny thing is, I'm taking a ballroom dancing class right now. I've since decided that I can only dance when someone is telling me how to do and what to do next. Dancing freely (or however you put it) is pretty much asking for disaster and laughter. I like how your husband put it though because it reaffirms the fact that teaching elementary school is perfect for a girl like me. :)

    1. hahaha you crack me up! i always wanted to take ballroom lessons. & true -- elementary teachers lack rhythm {in school to be one myself :)}

      Maggie says thanks!!!



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